Spring Box Cards

On a happier note I want to show the gorgeous box cards I made from SVGCuts newest kit Springtime Box Cards SVG Kit. They just scream SPRING and I love working with Mary’s files so of course I had to make them.

First of is the cute “Bird’s Nest Box Card”:

DSC_0002 (1)I used papers from Maja Design called “Vintage Spring Basics.” The colors were just right for the eggs and the panels.I inked athe leaves, stem and leaves with my Prima chalk pads to give it more dimension. It folds flat and measures  8.3” wide and 7″ tall. (approx.: 211 mm. x 178 mm.)

Next is the “Pansies Box Card”:

DSC_0006 (3)

Here I used Graphic 45 paper “Time to Flourish” and I had some small yellow flower shaped bads lying around that just fitted perfectly. I colored the center of the pansies with Promarkers to get the authentic look. The card measures 6.5” wide, 6.25” high (approx.: 165mm. x 159mm.) and also folds flat. Isn’t it an amazing design?

Ok next up is the “Tulips Box Card”:

DSC_0002 (3)

A very easy card to make and I also used Graphic 45 “Time to Flourish” paper for this. The one row of tulips comes with a reinforcement and I made two more for the other two rows so that the card would be more firm. I chalked the edges of the tulips with chalk pads to give them more dimension. This card also folds flat and measures 7.8“ wide and 6.2” high (approx..: 198mm. x 157,5mm.)

Finally I made the “Lucky Clovers Box Card”:

DSC_0003 (3)

Here I also used the “Time to Flourish” paper and some gold foil paper for the two panels on the front of the card. I chalked the edges of the clovers and used some small yellow pearls as center of the Snowdrop flowers. We do not celebrate Saint Patricks Day here in Denmark (unless you’re of Irish descend) but Snowdrops are a common early spring flower here and clovers are associated with luck so its just a perfect card for someone’s Birthday in February or March.  It too folds flat and measures  8.2” wide and 6.7” (approx.: 208mm. x 170mm.)

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