Sympathy Card

Today I got a request from a dear girlfriend of mine, to make a card for a funeral – ugggh! This is one of the things I don’t enjoy as much but of course I wanted to help her out. So what to do? I scanned my Silhouette files to find something suitable and came up with a beautiful card with a Calla Lily on it. Then I began deciding what colors to use (being a funeral card it has its limits) IMG_3988

After making it, I decided to switch out the Calla with another that looked much better and here is the result:


The card is 178 x 254 mm in size (7″ x 10″) and the text reads: “With deepest sympathy.” My girlfriend liked it and I’m a happy little cookie ’cause this type of card is really hard to make due to its occasion. The card is designed by Suzanne Cannon (Calla Lily Card Design ID #78053) and the lily I used is designed by Ginny Nilson (Calla lily Design ID #4750) – both Silhouette artists.

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