Being a Mom to two lively boys is a joy but also sometimes pretty trying. Like today when both boys are home sick. My youngest have been sick all weekend and today the eldest wanted to join “the fun”. So between this and all the other Mom-things to do, I didn’t have much time to craft. Dreaming Tree released a new kit last night, and of course I had to get it and make something from it….and what other than the Irish Coffee Mug. Just what this Mom needs…coffee! So I turned it into a coffee mug….no whiskey, sugar or whipped cream for me…I’ll take mine black as the night sky!

DSC_0002 (5)

I altered it slightly when putting the words “COFFEE” on the foot. The paper I used is from Lettering Delights paper pack Love-You-a-Latte that I printed onto AC cardstock. I used some gold embossed paper as trim on the bottom and on the top of the mug. It’s pretty big –  8.75″high  x 4.5″ wide  x 4.5″ dia.(approx.: 222 mm. x 114 mm. x 114 mm.) and if it wasn’t made of paper, I’d be sipping coffee from it right now! 😛


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