Teeny tiny project…..

…cause I just can’t leave my dearest “Cammy” alone for one single day 😀

So since Easter is almost over, I threw myself at Dreaming Tree’s latest Freebie The Blossom Tag

DSC_0001 (14)

The first one I made in all white cardstock. I colored the background with Promarker pens and added another cutout piece on top of the other to hide all the paint overs. I also added an extra back piece/background so the marker doesn’t show through. The I added the flowers and some bling as flower centers….and voila – a cute tag 🙂

I made one more in black and white cardstock

DSC_0004 (13)

This one is definitely my favorite 🙂 Which one is yours???? Leave it in a comment 🙂

4 thoughts on “Teeny tiny project…..

  1. Den hvide.
    Synes iøvrigt godt om denne, din nye blog – Dine krearier kommer meget bedre til sin ret nu. Håber også andre kan se det!


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