What goes on in my autistic mind….

…well it’s a puzzle to some. Usually it’s chaos with lots and lots of thoughts swirling among each other and other times my mind actually works! 😀 I’m not your average autistic person since I don’t only have ADHD, ADD or Aspergers…..I have a blend of it all plus more. This does come in handy when being creative 😉 Just look at what I made this evening…..


….lead to this:


…which lead to this:


…which finally lead to this:


I’m lucky that I actually got something done, cause tonight my mind wandered off a million times and while crafting I was surfing the Internet for fabrics, playing Candy Crush, looking for new art supplies, reading the news. drinking coffee, instructing my hubby to put up more lights in my room (I’m getting old and can’t see 😀 ) and talking with my kids….No wonder I just finished.

Well this is kinda just my way of saying: Happy Autism Day ❤

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