The Hobbit gets a neighbor….

….and about time!!! Took me long enough to get to this project but then I can make it my debut project as Dreaming Tree Design Team Member 🙂  Yay!!! Thanks Leo for letting me on the team 🙂 This will definitely get my creative juices going 🙂

And so here it is – The Love Hut Mailbox gone Middle-earth:

DSC_0004 (5)

Well I know it’s no Hobbit Hole but still 😉 I wanted to make the Love Hut into a Fairy house or something like it and I think I got away with it. I altered it slightly (it is not a mailbox anymore 😉 I removed the slot in the roof), removing most of the small hearts and adding the small cute round windows to the door instead. I also removed the hearts on the sides of the house and added small leaves instead (sorry you can’t see that but it was starting to rain so I had to hurry up getting a photo). I glued some small flowers underneath the windows on the front of the house kinda like small flower boxes and added a crossbow charm on the left side and a Tim Holtz spinner thingy on the right side. Finally I added some small grey gems by the doormat to resemble stones. The last tiny detail is a small gem/jewel that I put above the door.

The Paper that I used are Graphic 45 Enchanted Forest and I sorry that the light outside made the roof look like its done in light colors because it’s actually black patterned. The sides of the house is done in the same paper as the top of the chimney (brown patterned) and the back is similar to the front. I also put a string of LED lights inside of the house to light it up when its dark so the tiny residents can see 😉 This will make the vellum on the windows show more – its such a pretty leaf pattern.

That’s all for now – please leave a comment before you leave. Have a great and sunny week 🙂

25 May:

I took some more shots of the house now that it’s not windy or rainy 😉

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