Venez avec moi à Paris….

…or I’ll just bring a little bit of Paris to you 😉 The extremely talented and gifted designer of SVGCuts, Mary Rudakas, has done it again! Just look at this amazing Eiffel Tower:


I just can’t wrap my head around how she does it. What brilliant mind can come up with such a construction in PAPER :-O

The beautiful tower comes from SVGCuts kit Travel the World. I made my version in black AC cardstock and Brazzil Bling Black Tie cardstock. It looks very hard to assemble but you’ll be surprised….its actually very easy. The only thing to be very careful about is not to use too much glue on the delicate and intricate panels.

I wanted my version to be a little bit closer to the real thing, so I added a string of lights to it – that was a bit tricky to get in place 😉


Now I can be reminded of some fantastic and fun trips to Paris every day 🙂

Hope you like it and thanks for stopping by ❤


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