….that’s the sound it makes when fireworks goes off and I bet there will be a lot of this on The 4th. of July. Dreaming Tree just released a great new bundle to celebrate this American holiday – the Stars and Stripes Forever SVG Bundle and from this new bundle there is this cute Cherry Bomb Lantern. But since I (being Danish) doesn’t celebrate this holiday, I looked for another way to use this cutie.

And here it is: The Mario Brothers Bomb Lantern 😉


For this I simply used some black, tangerine and pacific AC cardstock, white Bazzill Vellum, a silver pipe cleaner, tan and gold AC POW Glitter paper, gold foiled cardstock and some twine. I deleted all the pattern from the main pieces and the liners and put two oval eyes instead. On the back I made a slit for the winding key (which I found in the Silhouette Design Store – Design ID #82911) I cut off the bottom piece of the key and made a score line. Then I cut it twice in gold foiled cardstock and glued the two together, put it through the slit and glued the two tabs inside the bomb. I then glued the liner in place for a nice finish. The two blue panels on top I cut from the red glitter pieces in the bundle (just the top) and the two legs or feet I also found in the Silhouette Design Store (Design ID #21709) I moved the two holes on the side pieces and liners to be able to hang the bomb upside down (from the original design) 😉

Here’s how it looks on the back:


Finally I pop-dotted a small tea light inside the bomb and VOILA! 😀

It was rather windy when I took the pictures and the darn thing wouldn’t hold still 😉 but I hope you get the idea anyway 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and happy 4th to all of my American friends and family 🙂


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