London calling…..

….I wish 😀 Ha ha….Can’t travel all the time and actually while in Italy, I really missed my Cameo, paper and glue ….LOL. I’m incorrigible.

Since I made the Eiffel Tower from Travel the World SVG Kit by SVGCuts , I’ve wanted to make the Red Telephone Box…and today I did:

DSC_0003 (5)

I just think this box is adorable and very iconic. I made it from AC cardstock in crimson and black and used Graphic45 papers from the Cityscapes collection for the inside and back panel. I inked all the thin edges of the trim with a brick wall colored inkpad from Prima and a white Prima inkpad on the black bottom-piece. I cut out small gold-foiled crowns for the lid and used sketch-pens to write “Telephone” on the signs. I also cut some acetate for windows and taped it on the inside. Finally I used some fine sandpaper on the lid top to smooth out the edges and taped a small LED-light on the inside of the lid.

The only thing I need for this gorgeous box is the telephone….in 3D of course 😀

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9 thoughts on “London calling…..

  1. Please share more information about the lights you used. Our granddaughter was in London a couple of years ago and I think this would be a nice to make for her.
    Thank You!
    Louise Luna

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    1. Hi Louise 🙂 I used a small color changing LED light that I pop-dotted up into the lid af the box. You’d want to use just one light and not a string of lights. Thanks for visiting – Helle


      1. Thank you for the reply, I have one more question. Where can I find them? Do you have a link?
        Oops, that was two questions 😂

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      2. Ha ha bought mine in a shop here in Denmark, but you can definently get them on Amazon or find them through Google. Just look up LED light and *BOOOM* lots of opportunities 😊


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