Just got a crazy idea….

….and when that happens, I have to go with it! So last year I tried to make the Snowflake Tree Topper from Dreaming Tree’s O Christmas Tree SVG Bundle but my Cameo turned out to be broken (kept cutting crooked) so I when I finally had it replaced, Christmas was over. BUMMER!!! So tonight I thought to myself that now was the time to make it. But….I really do not need at Christmas Tree Topper. I have one that I’ve used for many years so I got to thinking what else I could use the topper for. Then it hit me! Why not punch some holes in it and use it as a fun lantern. I’m not a Cameo nor a mathematic genius so I didn’t know how to make the holes with the machine…..but luckily I have some hole punches from Fiskars in three different sizes and VOILA:


Worked like a charm. Ok it doesn’t light up  the whole room but flares out through the holes and makes a pretty pattern on the walls 🙂 And if I eventually want to switch out my old tree topper with the Snowflake Tree Topper, it still works despite of the holes.

The only materials I used for this project are White AC Cardstock, Gold AC Glitter paper and some gold embossed paper from my stash.

Now for cleaning up all the glitter :-/


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