Sunday afternoon…

….the kids are in their room doing their homework – Dad is fixing things inside and outside the house. All is quiet. Can you imagine this amazing setting??? Yeah…me neither 😀 Usually this home is crazy circus with kids running in and out, screaming and yelling, parents running around doing chores and cleaning up after the kids….A circus! Just as in almost all normal homes 😀 LOL

My project today was originally meant as a gift for a girlfriend and I had it all planned differently in my head. But things just doesn’t work out the way I planned it. So I had to do it all differently. So instead of a present, I made this for my home:


See this 6×6 Mini Marquee Frame by Jodi G. Warner (silhouette Design Store id# 158944) was originally designed to work with “Deco Lights teeny bulbs” by Darice. I can’t get these in Denmark so I had to make the holes somewhat larger and use “Marquee Love” Light Stand Kit (a string of lights with 24 bulbs) by Heidi Swapp and Multi colored bulbs also from Heidi Swapp. I recommend that you either adjust the small collar circles to size of the lights or leave them out. I also left off the Battery Housing Support Platform so the frame is able to hang on the wall. The quote is from the Silhouette Design Store ( design #143141) and I only changed out the word “house” with “circus” 😉 Then I colored some of the words, the cup and the wineglass and printed it. The entire frame is made from Black and White AC Cardstock.

So from now on, the truth is on the wall 😀 and I have to make another something for my girlfriend’s birthday 😉

Thanks for stopping by and I do enjoy a small comment from you ❤


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