Shining Topiary

….another wacky idea of mine came true 😀 It was the first thing I thought of when I saw Jodi G. Warner’s Flower Ball Topiary Tree (found here or as design #200021+#200024 in the Silhouette Design Store) I need to put some lights into this! But how?


First of I found the instructions here and here. This is not a project if you’re a newbie in paper crafting! It’s a bit tricky getting everything to fit together and it’s VERY important that you follow the instructions (oops 😉 )

I used various papers from Graphic 45 for the Flower Ball and also for the pot and AC Cardstock in Kraft, Chestnut and Cranberry. I filled the pot with small bags of glas pearls and moss and then to the lights…..

Boy did they give me trouble 😀 I used a small battery operated string of LED lights (you can get them anywhere) with 20 lights and put a light into all the flowers (during construction of the ball) except the bottom one. Then I used the rest of the string to wrap around the stem and hid the battery case in the pot underneath the moss. I chose to leave the lights in the flowers and let the light shine through the small hole in the embellish-flower (did widen the hole in it a bit)

After a bit of cursing and yelling I got it done 😀 My poor family….I tell you!!!! LOL But I’m so happy with the result and the lights shine exactly how I want them to – YAY!!!



Thanks for stopping by 🙂 I really love to share my projects with you and I love all the comments you write me ❤ Thank you.

8 thoughts on “Shining Topiary

  1. What a creatively genius idea! I need to rub shoulders with you, or stand in your imaginative halo sometime. Just an outstanding idea! Amazing!


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