The Sweetest Gift……

….I got last week from my dietitian. It’s no secret that I’m a big girl and I’ve been seeing my dietitian for over a year with….uhm….let’s just say some results. This summer she suggested that I get my steps in every day and send her a picture there of for motivation. So I did and I met my goal EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!! Her motivation model worked.

So now after summer’s over and daily life has set in again, we started up again and she gave me a present for all my hard work. It was a cup or a small bowl and I instantly knew what I wanted to make for it…..A paper flower or plant and here’s what I made:


A 3D Paper Cactus I found over at Lia Griffith. I only used one sheet of Leaf colored AC Cardstock and a little bit of Bubblegum colored AC Cardstock to make this. It is so easy to assemble and looks pretty real. Finally I wrapped some moss around the cactus and placed it into the cup/bowl.

The cup/bowl reads “you” in Danish and my dietitian want’s me to remember taking care of me when I look at the cup. It is so easy to forget yourself when the daily life hits and everyone else seems more important.  So now this little cutie sits on my work table reminding me to look after me and be good and healthy to myself ❤ And I keep getting my steps in and sending her the results 🙂

Thanks for stopping by today and know that I would like to read what you think of this project ❤

4 thoughts on “The Sweetest Gift……

  1. WELL DONE, HELLE! I personally know how hard that struggle is. You’ve been doing great. Me, not so much this summer from gigantic PA flare. You’re my mentor! One step at a time, right?!!! Your cactus and it’s planter are very special. Keep up the great work.

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  2. What a cute idea Helle! I’m glad you told us what DIG means because I was laughing a little when I saw it. You have to understand that this is an abbreviation used by a friend of mine for “dang I’m good!,” so in this situation you can also think of how good you are to at reaching your goals!! 🙂 ~ Lee

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