Snowy Swirls

Sometimes I just can’t believe how alike some of us think. Like this project I’m about to show you.

I made mine a while back and really thought “Hey! This is an awesome idea nobody before me has thought of”……until Lee Cox released her blog post with the gorgeous Gingerbread House Clock she made in red, white and brown (check it out here)

Yup great minds think alike (ha ha ha or just crazy minds) and she had made one just like it too. I’m talking about the 3D Swirly Christmas Tree (a freebie found here)


She too had made it into a 3D creation by gluing six trees together. I just added a second layer of Best Creation White Glitter paper. This was made by making an internal offset of the tree – mine is 1 cm (0.039″)

Such an easy project that looks beautiful during the day and at night…….


…it’s gorgeous!!!

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20 thoughts on “Snowy Swirls

  1. Your tree is great Helle, it looks so Christmas-y with the glitter offset layer you’ve added, I bet it catches the light as you walk by it. I love the way you’ve made it into a centrepiece by turning it into a scene complete with snow and cute little characters underneath. Thank you so much πŸ™‚


  2. Beautiful, especially with the layer of glitter paper! And thank you for stating the internal offset you used. So often I fiddle endlessly with just how much to offset and it’s great to have someone’s gorgeous example to follow. πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you Bev. So sorry about your cutter. I don’t know what I would recommend since I’ve only tried the Silhouette. I really hope you find a new one and get to crafting as soon as possible. I would be lost without it!


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